ACMI Dreamworks Exhibition

Projection mapped installations for ACMI DreamWorks exhibition, re-creates the magic and story of DreamWorks legacy.

From grumpy ogres to kung fu pandas the Australian Centre for the Moving Image showcases, in its largest exhibition ever, the magic world of DreamWorks. The exhibition allows visitors a behind the scenes look at their favourite animated characters and films, from early development to fully realised animations.

For visitors to re-live the magic which unfolds at DreamWorks, we created two large projection mapped installations. For one installation we re-created a story room, by using original sketches from the film Over The Hedge our installation was able to portray key storytelling moments of the film.

For the other installation, we animated a production designer's desk. Using original material from the film The Croods our team were able to bring to life the inner workings of a production designer's mind.

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