siteLab® is an incredibly powerful “digital canvas” that allows users to interact with rich built environment or infrastructure design visualisations in real time, including virtual reality. From a single light fitting or piece of signage, to an entire building or precinct, siteLab® allows quicker, smarter, and more cost-effective design decision-making.

How siteLab®works?

Storytelling and visualisation
siteLab® is an interactive program that allows the client to manipulate the model in real-time – turn elements on and off, change camera views and move around the model with the keyboard, mouse or touch. Communicating complex ideas in a visually engaging way is significantly easier with siteLab®.

Improves clarity and reduces design error
siteLab® brings together multiple components – e.g. design, drainage, survey and services – in one place. This makes it easy for both the client and the design team to clearly see any anomalies in the model. The client can easily switch between these options to see the impact on the design and adjacent areas. This functionality enables all project participants to stay on the same page

Easy to use interface and navigation
siteLab® has been created to deliver an intuitive, app-like experience across devices. While the data underpinning the visualisations is incredibly large and complex, the user experience is intuitive and seamless. siteLab has a virtual reality feature which enables clients to see and experience all the elements of a building or infrastructure design.

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