Melbourne 4.0

The Committee for Melbourne organisation spearheads research into issues that affect the development of Greater Melbourne. With members from business, academic and community sectors, they collect insights and produce policies that drive intelligent development and progression for the city of Melbourne and surrounds.

In response to the development of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Committee launched the Melbourne 4.0 taskforce. This group was created to predict and assess the impacts of globalisation and digital disruption taking place and to unpack the impacts it may have on Melbourne in the future.

The Committee engaged Unsigned Studio to produce an infographic film to describe the Melbourne 4.0 taskforce and the process it will undertake. The film needed to convey the context and challenges businesses face today and to promote involvement from Committee members in the Melbourne 4.0 Taskforce. The film was comprised of engaging motion graphics and iconography, and featured a compelling, informative voice over.

As a follow up to this film, Unsigned Studio then produced an infographic film that presented the findings of the Taskforce. It used the same motion graphic and voice over style to present the films in a series format.

Committee for Melbourne :

Melbourne 4.0

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