Yaroomba Beach

Yaroomba Beach, a unique proposal in the Sunshine Coast. Comprised of residential, tourism facilities, community spaces and retail, the community development has been carefully master planned to infuse the local sunshine coast flavour and to provide additional public spaces for the community, alongside jobs and economic benefits.

Unsigned were brought in to develop a creative approach to a community engagement film. We quickly identified that a strategic communications approach would be required due to the local unease around development on the Sunshine Coast area. A focus on the community benefits and tangible outcomes for the locals was required, along with an awareness of the local community values and ecological concerns.

A community engagement film was created that spoke to and represented the major benefits of the project. Our project leads conducted interviews with local representatives about their hopes for the region and then we crafted a strong community orientated narrative that showed how the Yaroomba Beach development would be instrumental.

Beautiful, tropical CG environments were developed to visualise the proposal and to bring it to life, while playful motion graphics added a supporting layer of information.

Sekisui House :

Yaroomba Beach

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