Melbourne Quarter Precinct

Melbourne Quarter is a new city block in the centre of Melbourne, connecting to an expanding Docklands precinct. The scheme combines office space, high density residential, and significant public space.

Through an on-going engagement with Lendlease, Unsigned Studio produced multiple deliverables for planning and marketing phases. These included still imagery, film, animation, VR360, digital application, and an interactive digital and physical display suite

We directed and produced a memorable brand film to launch the project, combining live action filming with integrated graphics and CGI, and evoking the energy of the new precinct.

Lendlease :

Melbourne Quarter

Staging Application

Responding to the challenge of communicating the construction staging options of a complex precinct, we created a digital application. This iPad application enabled stakeholders to engage with the animated construction of the development in an interactive way; through intuitive movement between viewpoints, forward and back on a construction timeline, and changing the time of day to view shadow impact.

Interactive Staging Application

Display Suite materials

We developed interactive tools and displays to enhance the impact and experience of the Melbourne Quarter display suites. These included an interactive projection wall, VR360 applications, a dynamic multi-display video wall with custom display software and operating hardware to enable intuitive interactive engagement, and a physical/digital context model.

This scale model of Melbourne’s ground plane formed the physical base for multiple and interactive layers of site and context information. The complete installation included precision CNC machined

acrylic models, solid clear 3d printed models, large commercial displays, custom hardware, new display software and an iPad application for control and user input.

Video Capture

Staging Application

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