Challenge the Channel

Unsigned Studio was commissioned by Roads and Maritime Services in New South Wales to advise on and produce a game for attendees to play at the Sydney Boat Show 2018.

After multiple workshops, a proposal for an interactive game was decided and developed. The game’s purpose was to introduce and explain the importance of the new RMS 10 point safety plan in a fun and engaging way.

Our criteria was set out by demographic data and footfall from previous years. The game was required to be short and immersive for players and spectators alike. We opted to have a small selection of scenarios that prompted the player to carefully choose appropriate and approved sailing paraphernalia and obey waterway rules within a time frame.

Video Capture

Game Environment

A steering wheel and throttle are at the helm of the game. Two housings and plinths were created to incorporate two screens and the controls. The smaller screen showed the boat’s dashboard which showed speed and a GPS arrow to help with navigation.

To cover the 10 priority issues, two environments were constructed. A short ‘preparation’ level highlighted safety equipment, supplies and weather conditions needed for a safe journey. The main ‘boat simulator’ allows for an adventure avoiding hazards and obeying navigation and speed rules. The game had a short play time of 1-1.5 minutes. While focus can be given on navigation of an open water way, we aimed to touch on all 10 of the safety priority issues provided for enclosed waters.

In addition to design development undertaken to ensure playability, a subtle level of sound design was developed to create an additional level of engagement.

Follow the instructions on the dashboard to explore the environment of "Challenge the Channel"

The installation of the game happened the week of the shows commencement.

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